4 Ways To Make Money On Pinterest with no experience at all

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Pinterest one of the gold mines of social media.

Let’s see how you can make money with the help of Pinterest in 6 Different ways.

Wait a minute dude it requires experience to make money especially with social media I have tried Instagram?

Well, my friends, you don’t need special skills to make with Pinterest. Well, at least not in them which I have included in this list and will definitely guide you what each way is and how you can do it.

Before we make money on Pinterest let’s see what actually is Pinterest?

What actually is Pinterest?

Mostly you would have heard it’s a social media but it’s actually is more of a search engine.

Blew your mind right?

Well, it actually blew my mind that something this super cool exists and I didn’t know about it.

Unlike Google, Pinterest is more graphic oriented kind of see how engine you search something like let’s say yoga you can see images as well as read a full article when you click on the image.


So not only you can read them you can pin them in a board created by you.

Boards are just kind of folders that help you find the difference between different types of pins.

Pinterest has around 260 million users worldwide and it is actually awesome that these 260 million people buy a lot of things through Pinterest.

all right now you know what is Pinterest now let’s see how you can make money with it.

1. Start a blog

Hey, you are reading this blog right so you can also start a blog and make money with it.

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you can find everything you need in the free course above on how to make money with Pinterest and blog

Pinterest really helps to bring in the most high-quality traffic and a community of readers that are awesome and loyal

Just like you.

it helps you and your blog to not only stand out but to make a personal brand which can lead to gain an enormous amount of trust.

2. Freelancing


Pinterest can be one of the best ways to sell your services online

I see most people directly pining their gigs please don’t do that first explain how buying your service is going to help them.

Find out what you are good and what service you can provide that will ease the life of your buyers

Then you can go to third party sites like Fiverr it’s one of my personal favourites

join fiverr

head over to join and sing up. Once you login you will see a become a seller button click on it fill out the form boom you are ready to go.

Now create a gig on what you are expert on let’s say video editing creat a gig on video editing.

Now you can drive traffic to your gig with the help of Pinterest create pins about your service drive it to a blog explain what video editing is how you can help them promote your gig.

3. Sell your products

Another great way to make money with Pinterest is to sell your own products

Depending on what kind of products you are selling you can make a good decent amount of money from it

So many people are making millions whit this and so can you.

Now you can sell 2 kinds of products Digital Products and Physical Products

Digital products

  • E-books
  • Courses
  • Audiobooks
  • Printable

Physical Product

  • T-shirts
  • Mugs
  • Caps
  • Phone cases

if you are looking for low hustle with manufacturing products you can use Teespring, Printful And Shopify.

4. Affiliate links

I absolutely love affiliate marketing and the people I adore the blogs I read make millions of dollars with affiliate marketing

And when you mix Pinterest with affiliate links it’s the perfect combination because you can send people from Pinterest to a link when they click on your pin.

• Start by signing up

business account

Start by signing up and creating a business profile in Pinterest

Now fill in the following for bio and all you need to make your profile look good and professional

Make sure to pick up a niche which you can promote and your audience will know you off it can be anything from travelling, fitness, beauty or anything you are passionate about

Next step is to create some boards around your niche example

  • Meal prep for weight loss
  • yoga possess
  • abs workout

you get the idea.

•Find a good affiliate program or network

amazon affiliate
Source: softpress.com

Finding a good affiliate program or a good affiliate network is as important as finding a good product to promote

In my opinion, Amazon is the best option when you are just starting out it is very easy to convert.

You can also look to different affiliate programs

Are some good affiliate networks.

Choose the product which is famous and pays more than 40% commissions ( Only digital products provide more than 40% commissions) and it should be making you a good amount of money only in one sale.


•Create pin and start pining


I absolutely love Canva it’s great for designing pins for Pinterest

You don’t have to worry about the size or the style as there are so many pre-made templates for Pinterest just change the text in template download it and you are good to go.

Now that you have designed the pins let’s start pining

pin pin pin …….

You need to constantly pinning pins on Pinterest ( try saying that 3 times ) don’t expect a direct sale and million of traffic overnight it will take time but nothing will happen if you are not consistent with your uploading.

Place your affiliate URL in the destination URL option you get when you create a pin so that when people click on your pin the get to the landing page of your affiliate program

While pining use 80/20 rule post others pin 80% and your 20% this will boost your engagement on the platform and the chances of getting repins and getting viral will grow.

make sure to grab their email before sending them to the affiliate program

let me know in the comments which way are you using and also mention your Pinterest account link

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