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The sound of money one of our favourite sounds in the world, right?

95% of Bloggers make money with the help of affiliate marketing and to think of it

it’s actually easy to make money with affiliate marketing

People all over the world are making more than 1 million dollars a month with the help of affiliate marketing and so can you.

So are you ready to dive into your pound of gold and discover the secrets of affiliate marketing?


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What actually is affiliate marketing?

You might know what affiliate marketing is or you might don’t.

So what the heck actually is an affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote a product which is actually owned by the third party and you get a commission when someone buys it.

Got it? Good.

So when you sing up for affiliate marketing you get an affiliate link and you provide that link to people who might buy the product.

when someone clicks on the link a cookie is created in their machine so when they buy even after a month the commission still goes to you if the cookie life is more than a month.

the commission rate difference in all programs but before that You should make sure to promote which type of products?

Types of product

so there are basically 2 types of product you can promote

  1. Physical product
  2. Digital product

Physical product: Its the kind of product you order from amazon it’s in physical format as there are too many parties involved in physical products the commission rate is very low it can be 0-9% price of the product.

Digital product: digital product is something that is stored on your machine or online example Netflix or online course as there are not so many parties involved in the sale of digital product it gives out a way better commission 0-75% on the sale of each product.

Now it’s totally up to you what you would like to promote. I will always suggest to promote both but put on the energy on which pays better.

Always try to pick products that are not that expensive nor too cheap

The product should also be famous it would make it easier to convert and you can here the cha-Ching the sound of your affiliate commission.

Importance of Niche

it’s really important to choose a niche if you are not using any blog or website then it’s really important to choose a niche

If you are using a blog or website that means you already have decided your niche

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A niche is a category of what type of product you will be promoting that absolutely suits your audience.

For example: Let’s say your audience love to read about weight loss and good health management and if you promote yoga/weight loss or a yoga mat course there are more chances of a conversation than promoting washing machine to them.

Where to find a product to promote?

All right you have followed up till here.

You are just doing awesome.

So now you have most of the things about Affiliate marketing now where can you find the products to promote?

To promote a physical product there is no better place than amazon the king just register yourself as an associate in amazon associate.

The digital products are hard to find but not impossible just be on a lookout in the social media and blogs look at what they are promoting more that just means that’s a hot product

let’s take tailwind, for example, a lot of bloggers use it and love it so they promote it and make a good commission out of it now if you want to sing up for it you can find the join affiliate section in their footer (bottom of the site) section or just google it tailwind app affiliate you will be able to sing up as an affiliate.

You also can join affiliate networks where you can find tons of products to promote and you can know which one is in hot trends right now and you can promote it.

some examples of affiliate networks are Sendowl and clickbank

How to promote it?

Now let’s make some money

There are tons of strategy to promote affiliate products but my personal favourite and most recommended by top marketers is a blog post and YouTube videos.

Blog post and YouTube videos help create more trust and the chances of buying out increases.

It has more content so the customer/visitors/potential buyer can get a better understanding of what they are buying and how can it help them improve their lives.

Always tend to provide value instead of focusing just focusing on the sales take Garyvee or Neil Patel or Melyssa Griffin, for example, they do not usually post buy this or that they actually post something that will help their readers.

let’s start hearing the cha-Ching now

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