How To Start A Blog that makes $10,000/m

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95% of Big business owns a blog

You might also have seen so many people starting and blog and making a hell lot of money with it.

Does it feel like an impossible task to start a blog? So let me assure you it’s way much easier than ever

Before I was starting my blog I read hundreds of guide and was way long and complicated

We are not going to do that here.

I love keeping things simple so here is your guide to starting a blog that makes $10000 per month

Starting with why?

The thing I have learned today everything is more about value

But later on that, I am sure that might not be one of those things you want to deliver first or your why.

So there can be so many reasons to start a blog

find out what is yours?

It can be from making money to changing the world.

And make sure to write that down and you will remember your why and it might become one of the goals

So many studies suggest that goals can help to be achieved with the help of just writing that down

What And For Who?

okay so you have decided to start a blog

But what to blog about now?

This is what most people struggle with so I am going to give you a formula

What you are passionate about? + What people are struggling for that you can help with? (ex. Work from home, Food recipes or Parenting etc ) + What is popular (Meaning there must be a lot of readers) +What you can make money with.

Knowing what your audience wants is really important.

Find out what a majority of people are struggling with and help them with your blog

Find out what they are tired of reading what they actually want to know/learn/read

I have learned that people are always looking for –

  1. People always want to make more money
  2. Nobody is happy with there shape of the body either they want to lose weight or they want o gain weight
  3. If you can make people look good

If you can solve this and blog about this the results are guaranteed

The blog post purpose should more be the help than selling it will not only grow your blog but also you will gain more trust and influence

Let’s get started to blogging

All right now its time to set up all thing

Things that you will need

  1. A Domain name
  2. An awesome hosting
  3. An awesome WordPress theme

I always suggest Bluehost for hosting it’s easy, it’s cheap and the support system is awesome.

Ok so now you know where you can buy a domain and a web hosting.

Now It time to step up your blog with WordPress

There are thousands of tutorial out there on how to set up your WordPress blog I would just recommend to just go for a paid theme.

Money Money Money

Now let’s get to the part where you here the cha-ching

Ahh ! one of the favourite sounds, yeah?

There are so many different ways you can make money with your blog lets take a look at that

  1. Affiliate marketing
  2. Sponsorship
  3. Online course
  4. Ecommerce
  5. Advertisement
  6. Online coaching

Here are some of the top ways people make money with their blog

But it’s wrong if you think you’ll blog, you will post or rank on google and start making 10k dollar per month overnight?

You are reading my blog so I am sure that you are smart you don’t think It will be overnight.

So what will it take?

Value over cha-ching(Money/Profit)

Okay just Imagine This someone is selling a product

Let’s say I am selling a course on how to become a life coach and I am just putting you on your face and sying just buy it

Will you buy it?

In 99% case, you never will

Maybe you don’t trust me or my product or you don’t even know what the heck is life couch.

When you provide value that means you normally don’t intend to sell every time instead you post content that will help your audience more with whatever they are struggling with.

People tend to trust you more When you provide free value

You gain more Influence as well as better online reputation (Self-branding)

So tend to deliver more value

the more the value you provide the viral you get the more you will get sales and most importantly you will leave a legacy.

Thanks for reading let me know in the comments what blog you started?

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